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Here follows the list of a few guided visits which should not be missed:



Arezzo is a surprising town both for the beauty of its monuments and for the variety and quality of its works of art which are sometimes unique, such as Piazza Grande, Cimabue’s Cross, Piero della Francesca’s frescoes and the best XVIth c. stained glass windows in the world, which were made by a French genius called Guillaume de Marcillat.

Half-a-day visit which can become a full day one by adding some other monuments such as Giorgio Vasari’s House, a very special place which lets you know the artist’s privacy, the Medicean Fortress, the Badia’s with Giorgio Vasari’s imposing Cenotaph and the impressive, false dome by Andrea Pozzo, S. Maria delle Grazie’s with “the first Renaissance porched square” and the only one altar ever made by Andrea della Robbia with marble and terracotta, the Archeological Museum, the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, the Diocesan Museum, Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi...



I have always been working for a lot of schools and I think, basically, for two reasons: Arezzo and its province offer a number of theme tours which may give a good contribution to any student’s general knowledge (Etruscan and Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Giorgio Vasari, Piero della Francesca, etc); the other reason is me, as people usually appreciate my clear, communicative and didactic explanations.. inevitable heritage of my past professional life as a teacher.

Last but not least: Arezzo’s historical centre is certainly monumental, but also rather small and peaceful... teachers are the first to relax and enjoy the visit! I am quite available to give all the necessary advice and ideas in order to work out a perfect programme.



Piero della Francesca is considered the most important fifteenth c. Italian painter, but very little is left of him both in Italy and in the rest of the world; the largest concentration of his survived works is in Arezzo and in the Upper Tiber Valley. This tour starts in Arezzo with “The Legend of the True Cross”, impressive fresco cycle which was recently restored in quite an innovative way, and St. Mary Magdalen; it continues with the Madonna of Childbirth in Monterchi, a divine representation of human fragility, to reach Sansepolcro in the end. In its small and interesting Civic Museum there are four of his works including also “the most beautiful painting in the world”: the Resurrection. At Sansepolcro there will be time to have a walk through the elegant historical centre to see Piero della Francesca’s House, the Cathedral which is a real museum and the beautiful and moving Mourning for dead Jesus Christ by Rosso Fiorentino. Full day visit.



Although at first sight the historical centre of this picturesque town looks medieval, its history is rooted in the Etruscan culture dating back to some 2600 years ago. All that is proved by the finds exhibited in the most interesting MAEC Museum, particularly by the Bronze Chandelier and the famous Tabula Cortonensis. One can also find outstanding traces of the Etruscan period in the historical centre, such as the Cistern, the ancient Walls and the Mullioned Gate. To those who love walking I would suggest an open air itinerary full of breathtaking views, picturesque,  out-of-the-way sites and small, refined monuments. Half-a-day visit that can become a full day one by adding some Etruscan tombs, such as Melone 2 del Sodo, or St. Margaret’s Sanctuary, Le Celle Hermitage where a very ill St. Francis dictated his will before lhis last journey to Assisi, or the Diocesan Museum with Beato Angelico’s best Annunciation.



… or you’d rather spend one day seeing Casentino castles, mystic hermitages and breathtaking views, or… Valdichiana medieval walled towns, or… Valdarno Romanesque rural parish churches, or perhaps you are interested in craftsmanship, in food and wine, or…




Just let me know what your interests are and I will tailor your tour to them by enriching it also with unexpected, lovely gems which most tourists ignore!