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I am married and I have seven children: three of them are human and the others are my pets (two dogs and two she-cats); I love the countryside, gardening, going into the woods looking for mushrooms and... cooking them! I have a degree in English Language and Literature which I taught in Italian secondary schools, although both my curiosity and chance made me also work as a translator, interpreter, tour leader around the world, estate agent.

I started to work as a tour guide for the Tourist Board here long ago when I was free from teaching. I liked it so much that since then I have been reading a lot of books, attending lectures and courses, sitting for examinations...


you know, living in this part of the world and sharing its culture and beauty is a real pleasure indeed.. after all they belong to everyone!


In the past I organized a number of theme visits for Arezzo citizens and met thousands of students and adults coming from elsewhere to whom I talked about our art and history, from the Etruscans to modern times. I also had the privilege to work for many institutions and personalities such as Italian Town Councils, Provincia di Arezzo, Italian and foreign Universities, RAI 1, Mr. Chris Smith - British Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Mr. W. Mc Kilenny, American General Consul in Florence, Prof. Umberto Veronesi, MP Giovanni Berlinguer, Mrs. Morton from the Royal Collection Trust, singer Noa, Judge Annibale Marini, Chair of Corte Costituzionale Italiana, Nobel prize Mario Vargas Llosa, Countess Shirley Caracciolo, Cortona's Tuscan Sun Festival of 2009, 2010 and 2011. As both a simultaneous and consecutive translator and on request of the Consulate General in Florence, I also had the pleasure of working for the American ambassador, Mr. Mel Sembler, on the occasion of his official visit to Arezzo on 7th October, 2002.